Western Australia
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Western Australia: Esperance

Why, hi there. You may be wondering if I still even write this blog. I haven't forgot about it, trust me. I haven't given up. In fact I had a bit of a crazy end to 2016 with a new job and moving house, so here I am, back and slightly less stressed/busy. So when I last dropped off, I was writing about my WA adventures. It's ...


Western Australia: Hamelin Bay & Denmark

After exploring Yallingup, we headed further 'douth' (down south) along the Western Australian coast. But not really - because you mainly jump on a lot of freeways in WA, meaning you don't really get too much of a view. Hamelin Bay: Hamelin Bay Rd, Hamelin Bay Hamelin Bay is another destination that popped up in my ...


Western Australia: Yallingup

It's time for another long overdue adventure recap. This time? Western Australia. We visited the West coast of Australia around March and luckily the weather was still looking sunny. Unfortunately, The Adventouriist only realised on the plane ride that the beach waters would be cold! The trip started off with a bit ...