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Canberra Day 3

On our last day in Canberra we had almost half a day to spend before embarking on our drive home. Mount Ainslie: Mount Ainslie Dr, Majura ACT We decided to brave the 0 degree morning and visit the other popular lookout point, Mount Ainslie. Standing on the little hill there, it was hard to see the sunrise because of ...

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Canberra Day 2

Canberra is a small place, so we fit as much as we can into our full day in the capital. A lot of photos will follow in this post - so prepare yourself! The Cupping Room: 1/1-13 University Ave, Canberra Canberra's cafe culture seems to be taking influence from Melbourne - I mean this brunch place even has a wait. ...

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Canberra Day 1

For the Queen's birthday long weekend, we decided to drive up to Canberra. Our American friend wanted to tick off the capital city and a weekend was probably just the right amount of time to spend there. The Journey Did you know flights to Canberra are ridiculous? So a 6-hour roadtrip with a few breaks sounded fine to us. ...