Mission #4: Final Report

Phew! Sometimes you don't expect the unexpected and then so many things happen in one month. Here's a recap:


Mission #4: Grand Trailer Park Taverna

The final instalment of my "Other Bloggers" mission! I finally got to meet allergicinmelbourne, who I often interact with in blog comments and on Instagram. ...


Mission #4: Pho24

An unexpected invite came for this great event at Pho24 last week. Coincidentally I had walked past this place many a time but never thought much of it. ...


Mission #4: T by Luxbite

If I had the power of foresight - this month's theme might have been "Invites" - this week itself has been pretty crazy! I won this invite to T by Luxbite's launch party by participating in a regram competition on Instagram and the chances were slim, but I was one of the last ones picked. Huzzah! ...


Mission #4: Industry Beans Everyday

Not long ago, I met up again with Melbourne Food Blogger for brunch in the inner suburbs. I don't get out to brunch too often, so am a bit behind on some of the biggest trends. ...


Mission #4: Simply Spanish

A belated post, but a while ago I met the lovely Steph also known as spooksnbubbles or Food For My Belly. After I invited her to one of my past events and it didn't work out, we decided to catch up separately instead. She let me choose a place, and as I was feeling like something not too expensive but not Asian, I decided ...


Mission #4: Other Bloggers

Surprise! This post will be pretty short - my next mission is more of a series. Something I've enjoyed about blogging is the network of Melbourne bloggers and the friendly nature of others who share this hobby. I've never been an outgoing person but I've grown fond of the way bloggers can just reach out to each other ...