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Spring Round-Up!

It's been a little while since I did a little round-up of my articles elsewhere! Some of my newer readers may not know that I write ...

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New Zealand: Hobbits, Caves & Geysers

Whilst we stayed at Golden Springs, the idea was to be within driving distance of Hobbiton and Rotorua, as there were not a lot of ...

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Mappen Ramen

'Mappen' means 'one more time' *plays Daft Punk* in the Nagoya dialect, and why wouldn't you come back when prices are so ...

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New Zealand: Taupo

We left New Plymouth and headed for the central area of the North Island on our second day. A long drive after New Year's! The Campsite: Golden Springs Holiday Park, 4085 SH 5, midway Rotorua & Taupo, Golden Springs We spent about three nights in the area but immediately regretted our chosen ...


Dog House

Dog lovers in Melbourne have probably heard of the new dog cafe that just opened in Collingwood. No, it's not like the cat cafe, it's a cafe FOR your dog. Humans take a back seat in this setting, with only coffee and premade snacks available. But the options for your dog are almost ...

A Japanese-themed boardroom. (Image supplied).

Lonely Planet’s Immersive HQ

We spend a lot of our lives at work, in the office, so workplaces are becoming more conscious about making workspaces fun. At the same time, companies want to be on brand, for their workplace to represent the type of work that they do. [caption id="attachment_8202" align="aligncenter" ...

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New Zealand: New Plymouth

The Mon's Adventure in New Zealand recap is finally here! Over our short Christmas break, The Adventouriist and I decided to go somewhere not too far to do a bit of camping on the North Island in New Zealand. Unfortunately we didn't have time for both North and South so we decided to save South Island ...