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A Japanese-themed boardroom. (Image supplied).
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New Zealand: New Plymouth

The Mon's Adventure in New Zealand recap is finally here! Over our short Christmas break, The Adventouriist and I decided to go ...

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Kitty Burns

The popularity of Instagram means food is no longer just food. Foodies want visuals - pretty food, sleek interiors and good lighting. ...


Oh, The Places You’ll Go Geocaching

What is geocaching? Geocaching - the world's largest treasure hunt. If you haven't heard of it, it resonates with quite a niche ...

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Ichi Ni Nana

Ichi Ni Nana - one, two, seven - located at 127 Brunswick St. You may have heard of its sister restaurants Ichi Ni in St Kilda and Ichi Ichi Ku Izakaya in South Yarra. This branch is welcome as it extends its reach to the northern suburbs. You'll find it on the ground floor of a multilevel building, ...

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Dog-Friendly Warrnambool Pt 2

After settling into our camp site on day 1 with Amicus, we were surprised at how smoothly things were going. The main concern was that Amicus didn't seem to want to eat much or play with his toys - perhaps something to do with being in an unfamiliar setting. The next two days we set off to do all ...

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Dog-Friendly Warrnambool Pt 1

Sometimes I forget, that it was only last year around Easter at the Grampians when I started camping/glamping. Since then I've invested in a tent with The Adventouriist and we tried something different during last Melbourne Cup weekend. We took the dog camping. Some caravan sites allow pets - it ...

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Little Flinders

It's been a while since my last post! A few mini breaks, a busy period at work and forgetting to renew some website stuff may have contributed to it...but now we're back! Before I went away (you'll hear about that in a few months), I was invited to try Tazio's rebranded top floor, Little Flinders. ...